PLEASE DONATE It is the will of the citizens of North Carolina to preserve our God given, unalienable rights, our North Carolina constitutional rights, as well as our US constitutional bill of rights. We the People will not comply or be deterred by the infringements or usurpations we now suffer. It is through our own individual and unified strengths that we will fight tyranny and subjugation.
How To Get Involved PLEASE DONATE Since April we have raised $50,000 but this is only enough to get this started which we have now done. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW FINANCIALLY IF WE ARE TO WIN THIS BATTLE. Please go to our website: www.ncc4cr.com and give your best donation right now. There are four on-line donation links in which you can donate $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 or $100.00 will help us ALL get to the mark we need to stop this criminal nightmare. Or you may mail checks payable NCC4CR, P.O. Box 644, Indian Trail, NC 28079.

We would like to be able to bring lawsuits in multiple counties at the same time, as well as a state level case regarding constitutional rights and abuse of power. There are also suits against private employers which also need to be addressed. However, each case can cost upwards of $100K each, although once we build the first case and win, it could be easily the model for the rest which should bring costs down for subsequent cases.

Our goal is to raise $100K for the first lawsuit. We are likely going to need further donations as we get into the case, but this will build the "war chest" to get at least one case through trial. If we receive $100 donations from 1,000 people or more, we can easily reach our goal. We're hoping for thousands more as we believe this is an issue that affects every citizen in the State, as well as citizens across the nation. The more we get, the more lawsuits we can fund, and the greater the push back in the courts we can accomplish. Please consider getting involved, spreading the word and donating to help our united cause!
Slide This Week on NCC4CR READ LETTER COVID-19 Open Letter to County School Boards September 28, 2021

Ceradini Law sent a letter on behalf of NCC4CR to County School Boards regarding the current COVID-19 school policies. The letter informed the School Board that NCDHHS has not issued an order of "immanent hazard" (Chapter 130A) requiring a control measure such as mask or vaccine mandates.

After Union County School Board voted to rescind mask mandates, Mandy Cohen threatened them with a lawsuit. In her letter she cites sections of Chapter 130 taken out of context and concludes the letter sent to UCSB expressing that the measures of the Covid toolkit are "recommendations".

NCC4CR's letter to the School Boards explains the 99% survivability and effective treatment options available in lieu of the mRNA shot.
Statement From NCC4CR We recommend members and concerned citizens exercise civil disobedience and peacefully not comply with the unlawful and illegal "vaccine" mandates. We do not endorse "lone wolf" actors attempting grandstanding, violent threats against the government. We have no connection with the alleged North Carolina man who made a bomb threat in Washington, D.C today (August 19, 2021). We suspect, but have no proof, that this is a "false flag," staged event. In any event, the incident conveniently captured the news cycle and temporarily took attention away from the complete failure of the Biden administration to secure an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan and the collapsing "vaccine" narrative as being safe or effective (which they are not). We are confident that our members and supporters have the Godly discernment to see false narratives being constructed against us. If you are not a member and want to stay abreast of our fight for liberty and preservation of Constitutional Rights for all North Carolina citizens, please partner with us as a member and show us your personal and financial support for the fight of our generation. God Bless North Carolina and God bless these United States.

Constitutional Violations

• violations of religious liberty
• violations of rights to free speech and assembly
• violations of our right to free movement
• violations of our right to education
• deprivation of our life, liberty, and property without due process of law

Massive Economic Damages

• businesses forced to close or to limit operations
• job losses among the highest in the Nation, which denies our right to the “enjoyment of the fruits of [our] own labor”
• destruction of hospitality, restaurant, and travel industries
• sports and entertainment halted
• funerals, wedding, and other ceremonies cancelled
• redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the elite

Physical, Mental, and Social Abuse

• mask mandates as forced medical intervention
• threat of forced “vaccination”
• “social distancing” that separated us from our loved ones, friends, and communities
• restricted access to health care services, facilities, treatments, prophylaxis, and therapeutics
• proliferation of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and suicide
• living in a constant state of fear, emotional anxiety, panic, depression, social isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness

For a year, every one of us has lived in a nightmare from which we may never fully recover. To end this nightmare and rebuild our lives we must win our lawsuit against Governor Cooper, Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen, and State Health Director Elizabeth Tilson, and achieve a complete restoration of our constitutional rights and liberties!