The DHHS and School Board’s Game of Deceit

The DHHS and School Board’s Game of Deceit

North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights Attorney, Matthew Ceradini, made it very clear in his “Covid-19 Information Letter” to all NC School Boards, that “the School Boards do not have the authority to implement these measures without a formal order from NCDHHS or a local health department. The NC Statute under Chapter 139A is an “order” which calls for an “imminent hazard” of a “communicable disease” requiring specific “control measures” to protect public health. This order has NOT been made by either state or local health officials for the obvious reason that a fraud would be proven out, and when the State loses in court, the game is over. Better for them to call the DHHS “Toolkit” simply recommendations as cover—and get the county’s and school boards to be the front men. I know that in our little county of Polk, our HHS Director hides behind the school board votes, and they hide behind the HHS head’s threatened mandates of closure of the schools if masks aren’t worn by all;. However, there is NO mandate and regardless, the schools have NO authority because it must come from a Chapter 139A “order”—period! This game has created a one-man, de facto ruler of each county—the Health and Human Services Director. The County Commissions have little to no power against him, yet he alone can (falsely at this time) close down the entire county and school system. These are not elected officials and I am finding many are liberals with political agendas and perhaps funding from people with names like Soros. Sometimes, County Manager’s and County Attorney’s are also in the mix. We have our School Board Attorney frightening the board by saying, “if you don’t mandate the masks, and kids get sick—you can be sued.”  Those words are people repellent to government officials as they do NOT want to be sued. 

    So what do we as concerned parents and citizens do about these fraudulent, de facto mandates? First, it is important that all county activists use the facts in this letter to reverse the School Board members resolve for masks and quarantines. In many cases, the school board members automatically look to the superintendent and attorney for their decision-making. It is up to us to put in their faces the fact that they are opening themselves up to lawsuit by abusing their power, and can be held personally accountable. They also have violated the language, “authority should only be exercised when public health is in danger and all other reasonable means for correcting the problem have been exhausted, and no less restrictive alternative exists”. We have many safe, inexpensive alternatives proven to work like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which are criminally being denied to people.  And most importantly, and probably why the Chapter 139A “order” has not been mandated, is because the PCR tests have been admitted by CDC and WHO to be unreliable. Even other tests used do NOT prove anything except an infection. This would lose in a proper court of law and they know it—-so just like the plandemic is a fraud, the measures of control are also fraudulent.

    Finally, ALL quarantined children’s parents should file for a hearing which MUST be granted within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and use the arguments in this letter to force a suspension of their powers until they can comply legally. Your case may be strengthened by getting your child an antibody test, which can show that s/he has natural immunity (COVID has been around long enough, and is contagious enough, that most children will have developed natural immunity by now), and while the CDC does not want to acknowledge natural immunity, it is a compelling argument in a preponderance of evidence hearing. In the meantime, Matthew is treading a steady path forward and building a case. If any of our people can get expert witnesses like Dr.Tenpenny, Dr. Merrice, Dr. Bhuttar (Charlotte area), that would greatly help our efforts. The perpetrators of what will surely be known in history as “Crimes Against Humanity” will not just roll over and go away. They know this is a winner-take-all battle of life and death. We have to throw them out with WE THE PEOPLE — because we are fighting for our freedom and our very lives. Never in history has any invader defeated a country united against them—but we have to stay strong and not give up now because the tide is beginning to turn.

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  1. Good letter for a email blast along with the two or three recently EPOCH Times articles to keep our public properly and truthfully informed.

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