About Us

North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights, LLC

North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights, LLC (NCC4CR) is a North Carolina limited liability company founded on February 2021 by Lynn and Phyllis Hoosier and Lee Emerson, all of whom volunteer their time and talents.  The five members of the LLC are: Lynn Hoosier (Founder), Phyllis Hoosier, Lee Emerson, Fred Gerdes and Sanjit Patel.

Your financial support will be used to fund legal fees and expenses of the retained lawyers, and to support web hosting and necessary services to help further our mission through education and awareness building.

Please make checks payable to NCC4CR and mail to:

PO Box 644
Indian Trail, NC 28079

NCC4CR also can receive your electronic payment through the website at: https://ncc4cr.com/donate-2/ and cash and checks at meetings and events.
NCC4CR is not a nonprofit or a charitable organization, your financial support is not tax deductible.
Please visit often and regularly https://ncc4cr.com/ to stay up to date on events, activities, and Calls to Action.
Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who volunteers, provides funds, shares our website, leads a community meeting, hosts an event, attends a community meeting or event, educates and builds awareness, and helps to rescue a business!

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Kristin Lehmann
Outreach/Recruitment/Community Networking for our freedoms

Kim Jordan
Constitutional Rights, Education, Functions/Events

Jennifer Brecheisen
God Given Rights Enumerated by our Constitution, FB Admin, Photography/Videography Opportunities

Tonya McFalls
Constitutional Rights Violations, Oaths of Office/Bonds/Fundraisers

Fred Gerdes
Legal Issues, Viruses, “Vaccine” Biology

Stephanie Parsons
Constitutional Rights, Liberties, Freedoms, Medial Choice, Educational Programs

Lee Emerson
Ethics, Constitutional Rights, Liberties, Personal Freedoms

Tamara Parker
Constitutional Rights, Liberties, Freedoms, Bonds

Janah Ungaro
School, Education, Critical Race, Mandated Testing

Dr. Jason Jones
Constitutional Rights, Liberties, and Medical Freedoms

Dr. Cammy Benton
Constitutional Rights, Personal Health, and Medical Freedoms

Attorney Davis
Legal Advisor – Constitutional Rights, Liberties and Freedoms