Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Paul M. Davis & Associates, P.C.

After practicing civil litigation in Texas for 10 years with two large, international law firms and a boutique litigation firm, Paul Davis recently formed his own firm, Paul M. Davis & Associate, P.C., for the purpose of representing freedom-loving Americans in civil litigation. Paul is now lead counsel in a class action lawsuit known as Salinas v. Pelosi, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division (Case No. 6:21-cv-162).  The purpose of the lawsuit is to take back our Republic by exposing and destroying the cabal of corrupt politicians commonly known as “The Swamp” that currently is waging a war on the constitutional rights of all American citizens.  North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall are among the over 650 defendants in the lawsuit and have been served with legal process to hold them accountable for their unconstitutional actions.

The Salinas lawsuit presents irrefutable and publicly available evidence that all 50 states’ changes in election procedures for the COVID-19 pandemic violated constitutionally enacted mandatory federal election integrity laws.  These federal election laws require important protections such as the preservation of “all papers and records” for audit, ID for first-time mail-in voters, and many others safeguards.  The severe and pervasive violations of these federal election laws in the 2020 elections resulted in millions of illegal ballots being cast which means that the current U.S. Congress and “President” Biden and “Vice President” Kamala Harris are illegitimate and unconstitutional. 

The lawsuit further exposes the criminal racketeering acts directed by corrupt politicians high up in both the Democrat and Republican parties.  These acts include promotion of fraudulent narratives—most notably the false COVID-19 narratives—through wire fraud, mail fraud, bribery, extortion, and money laundering, all for the purpose of depriving We the People of the United States of our right to elect our own representatives to government.  Corrupt politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, and many others worked with Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to suppress any view contrary to their false COVID-19 narratives and to bribe and extort officials at the state and local levels into illegally changing election laws.  The purpose was and is to steal the 2020 federal elections and all future elections to establish a permanent monopoly of governance to oppress and exploit We the People while the politicians and their co-conspirators get rich.  Most importantly, The Swamp had to destroy and dispose of President Trump at all costs since he threatened to destroy their corrupt monopoly of governance and wanted to give power back to, We The People.

Through Mr. Davis as their attorney, Plaintiffs seek to end The Swamp through bankrupting the corrupt political class with monetary damages in a class action for all damage to Plaintiffs’ businesses, property, and constitutional rights suffered by the defendants’ racketeering conspiracy.  Plaintiffs seek restraining orders and permanent injunctions on the corrupt politicians and their co-conspirators to prevent future deprivations of constitutional rights and to remedy past deprivations by restraining enforcement of laws enacted by the unconstitutionally elected members of The Swamp.  Above all else, Plaintiffs seek to take back our Republic by forever ending the cycle of political corruption that has brought us to this critical point in our Nation’s history.

Paul Davis graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 2011, ranked 14th among all law schools nationwide.  He immediately went to work in the Houston office of one of Texas’s oldest, largest, and most respected law firms, Andrews Kurth, now known as “Hunton Andrews Kurth.”  As part of a lean-staffed bankruptcy litigation group, Paul soon found himself arguing complex bankruptcy issues in front of federal judges.  Paul was given the lead counsel role on a Ponzi scheme case during only his second year of practice and also wrote an appellate brief leading to the reversal of a decision from the renowned U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York on the novel issue of whether electricity is a “good” or a “service.”

Paul soon grew weary of bankruptcy law, however, and requested a transfer into Andrews Kurth’s employment law practice, where he successfully defended several federal class action lawsuits, doing nearly all the heavy lifting for a soon-to-retire partner.  However, also growing tired of large-firm bureaucracy (and Houston weather), Paul moved back to his native Dallas, Texas, settling with the small McKinney-based law firm of Saunders, Walsh & Beard, where he honed his courtroom skills in state court commercial litigation for a year-and-a-half.  Missing employment law practice, Paul accepted an offer with the Frisco, Texas office of the international law firm of Clark Hill, where he was promoted to senior attorney within six months and put on the fast-track to partnership.  Goosehead Insurance, a fast-growing client of Clark Hill, soon recognized Paul’s excellent work and offered him the prestigious duel-role of Associate General Counsel and Human Resources Director for their 1,000+ national workforce, which he gladly accepted.

Shockingly, despite Paul’s work in successfully navigating Goosehead through complex issues of employment law facing the company, Goosehead fired Paul, after a radical left-wing “journalist” Tweeted a selectively edited video of Paul’s Instagram story of his attendance at the January 6, 2021, Capitol protest.  Although the full context of Paul’s video story clearly showed him peacefully exercising his First Amendment right to protest, Roger Sollenberger of, tweeted that Paul “stormed the capitol building in an attempt to stage a coup” and led a Twitter mob to get Paul fired.  Goosehead quickly caved to the mob and fired Paul the next morning, refusing to even hear his side of the story or view his exculpatory video evidence.  Refusing to back down against the left, Paul quickly formed Paul M. Davis & Associates to fight back against the deprivations of civil rights being perpetrated on constitutional conservatives and Christians everywhere.