This file contains a printable pdf sheet of business size cards with NCC4CR organization name and website. Drop these cards at the bank teller, grocery store, restaurant, or retail outlet wherever you meet like-minded individuals.

Strategies to recruit and educate

Governors Executive Orders and Mask Exemptions. This is a good resource to keep handy when confronted by a store employee.

Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive order 181

This 3 panel brochure offers quick facts about masks and covid mortality

State and Federal Laws concerning mask use.

Benefits of Vitamin D – Part 1

Benefits of Vitamin D – Part 2

Masks – The science and myths

Geert Vanden Bossche’s open letter to WHO

America’s Frontline Doctors’ White Paper on Experimental Vaccines

Call Script to use when calling legislators in Raleigh

NCC4CR Information packet. This packet tells you what NCC4CR intends to do to restore constitutional freedom.

Groups to follow – print and hand out at churches, meetings, and schools.

Laws that allow Parents to Control School Boards. Please read and implement these steps to stop CRT, and mask mandates in schools.