Skip the Prick

Skip the Prick

This is a letter I just wrote to a young person being pressured to take the COVID gene therapy jab as a condition of continuing her college education. It is a warning to everyone.

Dear G,

I am glad you had a chance to ask me about your daughter’s current dilemma.  Almost half of the adults in the US have already volunteered to be part of a huge experimental depopulation program being fraudulently presented to the public as a vaccine for a trivial respiratory virus.  This operation is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Protocols, which requires voluntary participation in any experimental medical procedure, and which requires full disclosure of all risks.  The risks from the jab are unknown, but we are starting to see some of the immediate effects now, with some 50,000 people having died directly as a result of the experimental gene therapy shots.  Thousands of others have been permanently maimed, with some going blind, some deaf, many with permanent peripheral neuropathy and heart damage.  Meanwhile the politicians go along with promoting this medical fraud because of the power they have arrogated to themselves to suspend the Constitution and suppress our natural God given rights.  This psyop of advertising that the ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective and that everyone has a duty to get vaccinated is a horrible and evil lie, intended to persuade people that they need to risk their lives for the benefit of some larger group.  This is cult conditioning.  If the ‘vaccine’ worked, why would the vaccinated care if others chose not to be vaccinated?  Like all cults, no heresy can be permitted.

The jab is not a vaccine; it does not prevent infection (no vaccine does that) and it does not prevent transmission.  The Phase II Trials which are intended to demonstrate safety and efficacy were conducted using only false end points, as the safety issues were ignored, and the efficacy was determined by using fraudulent PCR tests.  The actual efficacy proven was about 1%, not 95%; this is statistical fraud, and a violation of the CDC’s rules for permitting vaccines (a vaccine must show >50% efficacy to be given even Emergency Use Authorization – none of the gene therapy ‘vaccines’ now in use can meet that minimal efficacy standard, as they are not meant to stop the pandemic or cure patients of the virus).  Meanwhile, the FDA and CDC conspired to suppress information about safe, proven over the counter drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and hydrogen peroxide which quickly cure the respiratory virus, which is now shown to be less lethal than recent seasonal flus.  We now know that both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are highly effective at preventing any incipient infection from becoming established.  Both of these very safe drugs have been used in India to protect front line medical personnel from becoming infected, with amazing results.  And a few sessions of hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy will cure you of the virus if done within the first three days of exposure.  All this data is in the public record.

Our great nation is being attacked by forces of evil, organized by the leaders of multinational corporations and official non-government groups such as GAVI and CEPI, secretly funded by the British government to promote the idea that scientists working for the big pharmaceutical companies know better than God how to improve human health.  They promote the idea that the human body, the perfect product of God’s creation, cannot possibly survive without their important assistance with all kinds of chemical interference.  The people promoting these lies are anti-God, their god is money and power over other humans, which is political, emotional, and psychological slavery.  Pity them, for they are lost sheep.  But do not be deceived by them.  Their agenda is evil, their ‘vaccines’ are designed to destroy human reproduction and induce flare-ups of endogenous viruses, promote cancerous conversion of previously healthy people, damage the nervous system with syncytin damage to the myelin sheath, and destroy the brain through prion disease.  These mRNA gene therapy injections directly and permanently alter your human genome, weakening your immune response to any future coronavirus you encounter (called Antibody Dependent Enhancement), such that future exposure to any flu virus may be fatal.  The jab is also designed to infect your CD4 (killer) and CD8 (memory) T cells, and has been shown in lab animals to alter the DNA of the cells in your bone marrow that produce white blood cells.  These changes are not designed to cure you of anything; they damage your immune system such that you must rely more and more on medical interventions to replace the immune system functions that are destroyed by the jab.  You become a slave to the medical cabal, forced to buy their expensive treatments, while suffering greatly reduced capacity to enjoy the life God intended for you.  Thus, regardless of how inconvenient it may be, or how much peer pressure you get, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO INJECT YOU WITH THEIR POISONS.  Seriously, your life, and your quality of life, and your ability to have children depend on you avoiding the jab.

The university, airlines, or governments demanding that you agree to be injected with poison in order to travel or attend college are violating the 1960 Civil Rights Act and the Nuremberg Protocols.  Lawsuit has been filed in the International Criminal Court in the Hague against the people who are promoting this eugenics vaccine program.  They will be found guilty eventually, but meanwhile the marxists are hurrying to get everyone to succumb to their cult of public health.  If you take the jab now, you will probably be dead or permanently incapacitated by the time they are convicted.  Greg Glaser has also filed a lawsuit against the CDC, in which he intends to get into the public record clear proof that vaccines do much more harm than good, and that the CDC has never obtained the safety and efficacy testing for any vaccine that is required by federal law.  The medical cabal is lying, and they are being exposed.  Get informed about the depth of corruption in the medical cabal, and stay away from them.  You owe it to yourself, your family, and to God to protect yourself from this evil. 

Fred Gerdes, retired Chem Engineer and virology student

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