NCC4CR and Ceradini Law Firm Sends Public Records Request To NC Department of Health & Human Services

NCC4CR and Ceradini Law Firm Sends Public Records Request To NC Department of Health & Human Services

Ceradini Law, PLLC sent a public records request to North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (Mandy Cohen) on August 20, 2021. Ceradini Law and NCC4CR requested:

  • All PCR Test documents and how it is used to diagnose Covid-19, including cycle thresholds and any recommendations used by DHHS.
  • Records pertaining to isolation of the Delta Variant
  • Documentation related to Federal Funding for anything COVID related
  • Documentation of adverse side affects

These public records will be used to reveal the data doesn’t meet the criteria for a national pandemic, and the testing procedures were faulty – producing a high number of false positives.

The letter sent to NCDHHS is available for download below.

6 thoughts on “NCC4CR and Ceradini Law Firm Sends Public Records Request To NC Department of Health & Human Services

  1. All efforts are appreciated. Data center in Kings Mountain NC is mandating the shot. He will not take. Very stressful time as with health care heroes who will loose their job also.

  2. Thank God someone with clout is finally asking them to prove their “science”. This request for proof is what stopped it in parts of Canada and Ireland. FINALLY! And watching Roy Cooper eat crow won’t be a bad day either…..he is a business killer.

  3. Have you thought of a National “Citizens For Constitutional Rights” organization? I imagine there are a myriad of individuals ready to buck the system, but lack the skills or resolve to go it alone. Strength in numbers! There are probably many professionals, and especially retired that would volunteer time, money, and talent to this cause. This is a national issue needing to be dealt with on a national level to get the politicians’ attention. Although the issue of constitutionality presides at the lowest level of government and should feed upward; we have allowed the federal government to purchase power in all aspects of our lives through grants, loans, and unlawful mandates and directives. They also precipitate the creation of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to bolster their hold on the emotions of the people they seek to dominate. Thanks for letting me borrow your soap-box. Keep up the fabulous work you are doing to help save this Nation from those wishing us ill. David H. Desmond Sr., retired 21 year Air Force MSgt

  4. We must act together by the thousands locally and by the millions state wide. NCC4CR gives us this strategic platform to hit key issues effectively. We can all stop masking and can challenge our school boards in meetings. And a significant way we can hit them is with legal challenges as NCC4CR already has. This costs some money for lawyers. If we band together and each donate something, it helps NCC4CR to get a lot done for all of us. Please make a donation large or small to help save our freedoms and our businesses in our state and our nation from these leftist who want to destroy us.

  5. Let’s not forget to support media that gives us the full timely news we need to stay informed and aware. I am speaking of the Epoch Times. That is where I found news from NCC4CR. Stay strong. Fight for our Freedom.

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