Personal Introduction from NCC4CR’s Legal Counsel, Paul Davis

Personal Introduction from NCC4CR’s Legal Counsel, Paul Davis

“I represent a group of Patriots who has sued Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, McConnell, Zuckerberg, and every other swamp rat in Congress and corrupt governors and election officials in all 50 states, including Gov. Roy Cooper and Sec. of State Elaine Marshall for their criminal

racketeering conspiracy to deprive all Americans including North Carolina citizens of their right to a constitutional republic form of government and first amendment rights.

We have sued under RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and various civil rights laws to expose the criminals in both political parties and bring them to justice. We have a network of over 300 expert witnesses from the military intelligence community with more than enough evidence to show severe violations of federal election laws in every state and crimes of bribery, extortion, money laundering, wire and mail fraud used to destroy our republic and control the outcome of election.

The defendant conspirators named in our lawsuit used false COVID-19 narratives to destroy our lives and our businesses and so they could steal the 2020 federal elections to take absolute control. We are suing for damages, for new federal elections, for a restraining order on unlawfully elected officials, injunctions on future efforts to steal elections by violating federal law, and we are seeking class action status so that all Patriots everywhere can join the lawsuit. Other defendants include the Democrat National Committee, Facebook, Twitter, AOC, Rashida Talib, and the private organizations such as Sapphire Solutions and the CTLC that did much of the dirty work for Zuckerberg and the politicians. This is a lawsuit to finally END THE SWAMP. Later this week, we will be launching our newest website where we will be posting all the information about the lawsuit. The lawsuit has already been served on Roy Cooper and all other defendants and we have already survived a motion to dismiss”.

Attorney Paul Davis

Paul M. Davis & Associates, P.C.

The complaint filed can be found here.

12 thoughts on “Personal Introduction from NCC4CR’s Legal Counsel, Paul Davis

  1. Finally, Someone with the spine to sue or prosecute under RICO ! RICO needs to be utilized much more often in this day and age, when an entire political party is less interested in securing our republic, but willing andopenly proud to use threats, graft, foreign sources and dark money to eradicate the will of the majority. Thank you. God love you!

  2. I thank God above that someone is finally stepping up and attempting to “drain the swamp”! I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Do you have any rallies or protest demonstrations planned? I live in western NC and will travel to participate in peaceful protests.

    1. The law firm of Paul M Davis and Associates had some internal employee issues with one of their investigators. The associate is gone, the damaged evidence files are being restored, and the civil case in federal district court will proceed with only minor delay. This does not affect our legal strategies for North Carolina cases now being prepared.

  4. It is very sad that the NC House of Representatives who hold control of addressing all of this with regard to the Stolen Election seats in NC at least three of them and they already have proof of this are not doing anything to fix it. We elected them and we pay their salaries. I encourage all of you to look up your individual NC House of Representatives and call them every day to voice your concerns and anger! Just because NC didn’t use Dominion machines does not mean NC had stolen seats because we did. It happened with computers and NC Board of Elections Staff members and fraudulent mail-in ballots!

    You can send emails but more than likely they are never opened and if they are you will not get a reply. Use your telephone PLEASE! We got to get 2020 fixed and integrity restored for us or we are going to end up living in a Hitler-controlled World for the rest of our lives.

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