Freedom Is Not Free

Freedom Is Not Free

For the past several months, we have told you about our NC legal organization, North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights, and have asked you all to contribute to our legal efforts. Many of you have asked “what is happening—I donated?” Well, we could have used your money indiscriminately and thrown it at the first lawyer we met. But THAT lawyer was supposed to protect us from the vaccine, and then we found out he was taking the vaccine himself. He was FIRED. The second lawyer wanted control of our organization and was controlling narratives. That lawyer is also gone. We did what we thought was due diligence to choose a quality attorney and case, and I believe we have taken a very strong step in this direction.

We have located a powerhouse team of young lawyers, led by Texan Paul Davis and his associate Steve who is an ex-marine. They have brought the largest class-action lawsuit naming over 650 defendants, including     NANCY PELOSI    MITCH McCONNELL     CHUCK SCHUMER     MARK ZUCKERBERG      JOSEPH  BIDEN      KAMALA HARRIS              BRAD RAFFENSPERGER      ALL MEMBERS OF THE 117TH U.S. CONGRESS      ALL 50 STATE GOVERNORS AND SECRETARIES OF STATE         JACK DORSEY                    MIKE PODHORZER         PETE SESSIONS      DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE     DEMOCRATIC SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE       et al.  (see complete list in the filed Complaint document, posted below)

This is a landmark case and has never been done to this scale—but our legal team has ALL the evidence, and will use this civil suit to get it all into the public record. Since it is a federal RICO lawsuit, it affects every state in the US. Since we are giving a substantial down payment of $10,000, they are prioritizing the legal service on Gov. Cooper, the Secretary of State (already served), the Attorney General, and Health Czar Mandy Cohen immediately. This is a lawsuit to attack the enormous amount of fraud and racketeering our two party system has done for decades, including massive organized violation of election laws in all 50 states, and the suspension of Constitutional law for a non-existent pandemic. It has the effect of destroying the cabal here in the US, which would also remove the illegal Covid mandates. We believe it does little good to ignore the root cause of the problem just to attack a mandate or two. These people would still be in power to come back again and again to continue to destroy our country and freedoms. This lawsuit is our chance to  “go big or go home.” We are going for it, and we will need the financial support of all liberty minded North Carolina citizens, because this is a huge undertaking. 

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.  We need your support to make this happen, and it really needs to happen, so PLEASE DONATE  to our legal fund at  This will become a class action suit quickly, and all NC citizens and businesses who have suffered losses from Cooper’s illegal edicts will be invited to join in seeking money damages.   The lawsuit is attached

15 thoughts on “Freedom Is Not Free

  1. I LOVE IT !
    Like many I do not have much money but I will support this. You have dotted the I( s) and crossed the T(s) here.

    1. Class actions lawsuits are VERY EFFECTIVE.
      This is one of many HUGE ways of reminding the government who REALLY HOLDS POWER IN NC AS WELL AS NATIONALLY! WE THE PEOPLE!


  2. I wish I could donate, but we are on a fixed income and can hardly meet our bills. However, you have my support and my prayers

  3. Thank you for doing this. I hope you succeed, although it is against the odds. I tried to stop this mess by introducing HB 558 to prohibit vaccine mandates and passports in the NC House. The Health Committee chairs wanted to work with me on it, but Speaker Tim Moore would not let it be heard. When Cooper told churches to shut down, I sent him a message saying, “You are violating the State and US Constitutions. You have no authority over the Church. I will be in my pulpit every Sunday, and whoever comes is welcome. Come get me if you like.” Tyrants must be resisted.
    Rep. Larry G. Pittman
    NC House, District 83

    1. Thanks so much for fighting. I am currently out of the state, but I’ll do what I can. Cooper’s CCP connections, as well as George and Alexander Soros is known. I’m trying to find out how much he’s getting from the pharmaceutical companies to promote their poison. Such a corrupt man who claims to be a Christian. He violates USC 18 subsection 242 daily. If you can meet with him face-to-face, Project Veritas is eager to help blow some whistles. I’ve already contacted them, but have no personal access. I spoke with Cloe.

    2. Thank you Representative Pittman, I am truly shocked to see the decay and lack of Leadership in the NC Republican Party. Truly disappointed with Moore and many others. Some will find themselves not re-elected! I will not vote Republican if that’s my choice of more of the same and I am not alone in this. Thank you for all you do! You Rock!

  4. You have my support 100%, I didn’t vote for him and I don’t believe he’s working for the NC people. I wish I had the funds to help with the fight, but don’t. You do on the other hand have my support and prayers for a victory!

  5. Cooper is a demon possessed soros puppet! He doesn’t care about NC or it’s citizens. All he wants to do is get rich & have control. He has not had any type of hold over me because I never gave in to his draconian so-called mandates that not only broke the laws of NC, but violated my constitutional rights! I went where I wanted, when I wanted & never wore any type of face diaper like him & his brainwashed cowards did! And you better believe that none of my family or I, am having or taking his death jab either!

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