Thousands of doctors sign a declaration of “Crimes Against Humanity”

Thousands of doctors sign a declaration of “Crimes Against Humanity”

The International COVID Summit was just held in Rome, and the major statement of the meeting was the “”Physicians Declaration,” a demand that doctors be free of government interference in their treatment of patients. The full statement can be found here:

Besides the obvious crime of creating this bio-weapon in the first place—other crimes include 1) using tests that can be manipulated for political reasons, 2) suppressing proven inexpensive and safe treatments like HCQ & Ivermectin, 3) putting people on Remdesivir (renal failure) and ventilators killing over 75%, 4) putting Covid positive cases in our nursing homes killing huge amounts of vulnerable elderly, 5) locking down, masking, quarantining, testing, contact tracing of healthy people, 6) mainstream media, politicians and the medical community colluding to give false information and deadly treatments, 7) coercing and/or forcing people to take an experimental shot against all laws and treaties. Did I forget anything? I know there is lots more.

The original report on the Summit can be found here:

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