Arizona Bans Mandatory Jabs

Arizona Bans Mandatory Jabs

The governor of Arizona has just issued an Executive Order banning mandatory vaccine and mandatory testing for admittance to public universities. His statement is classic fundamental freedom and liberty based: “The vaccine works and we encourage Arizonans to take it, but it is a choice and we need to keep it that way.”

The key here is that state universities are publicly funded, and thus must respect Constitutional limitations on government power. This is a direct disavowal of the University of Indiana, which has adopted a policy of mandatory vaccines for their students. The arrogance of UI’s policy has mobilized an organized resistance with 1300 members. Their stance in defiance of vaccine mandates is “we respect your choice, now you need to respect ours.”

This has become a battle for public policy in which ‘the science’ has been overtaken by fraud and greed, with COVID fear being used to subvert Constitutional liberties under the guise of ‘public health,’ when the real threat to public health is unlimited political power of the pharmaceutical industry.

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