YouTube Censors our Speeches at Henderson County Commission

YouTube Censors our Speeches at Henderson County Commission

In a stunning turn of events, You Tube took down the video of our Covid-19 speeches against the vaccine rollout at the Henderson County Commission last Wednesday. Because of the numbers of speeches and irrefutable facts, we got the Henderson County Commission to pass a Resolution saying, “no incentives for taking vaccines in Henderson County, and it is the free-choice of every individual whether to take it or not.” The Henderson County Commission regularly publishes their meetings on YouTube so people can go back and watch them easily.

“I thought you might be interested in knowing that YouTube took down our recorded meeting from yesterday stating that the context filled not comply with their Community Guidelines.  We are having a special called meeting tomorrow at 2:00 to discuss how we will respond to YouTube.  We are inviting the media including all area tv stations.”

Henderson County Official

(That special meeting of the Henderson County Commission was June 18, 2021)

A couple of us are meeting with one of the Henderson County officials tomorrow to find out where this is going. We are not sure if someone inside Henderson County Health and Human Services is behind alerting YouTube, or if it was someone else. Hopefully we will find out much more tomorrow and will let everyone know.

The HUGE problem we are having is specifically with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), statewide and in our individual counties. This is the entity that is sending the mandates to our government from the CDC. Now keep in mind, the CDC is a private corporation, owned by Big Pharma, and not any kind of elected body of representatives to the people. It is only because of the “privatization” laws that the CDC has a quasi-governmental position. THAT is not enough to override our Constitutional Rights. Also, DHHS is NOT giving anyone true “Informed Consent”. In other words, they are supposed to inform anyone taking the shot of all the risks and injuries that “could” happen. Not only are they NOT doing this, they are outright lying to people that “the shot is safe”, when in fact it is by far the most deadly vaccine in American history.

  • Action items: Patriots in every county need to go to their County Commissioners and DHHS and demand that:
  1. Each county and DHHS make all vaccine providers give proper informed consent as to what adverse events “could and have” happened to each recipient,
  2. Quit lying that this is safe when it is in fact the most deadly vaccine in history, and
  3. Stop giving incentives to people who may be uniformed due to the lack of “informed consent”. This is a decision that should be left to a person and their doctor.

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