Prime Athletes Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Prime Athletes Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Scores of prominent athletes are dying of heart attacks while playing after being ‘vaccinated.’ These people are in their physical prime, but myocarditis (damage to heart muscle) is killing them shortly after getting the Jab. Mainstream media does not cover this trend, but it is convincing evidence that the ‘vaccines’ ARE NOT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Short video is here:

Apparently Aaron Rogers is vindicated in expressing some ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ regardless of the draconian policies of the NFL. You would be wise to follow his lead. You don’t have to die to suffer permanent heart damage from the Jab. Less than fatal heart damage is not being reported to VAERS, but now appears the risk is one in perhaps 200. This makes for a very negative Risk/Benefit ratio, as if you are under 60 years old with no major comorbidities, your risk of dying from COVID is less than one in 2000.

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