Citizen Journalism Rises Among Parents Who Question Health Policies

From: Epoch Times

As more people question whether their local health policies are engaging in government overreach, parents are becoming citizen investigative journalists who form constitutional rights groups to hold policymakers accountable.

For Kelly Wiggen in Rutherford County, North Carolina, it began when she said the mask mandates in her child’s school weren’t adding up.

From there, the business owner turned researcher started digging, requesting documents, and connecting dots.

Like other constitutional rights groups such as the WNCFreedom2020 group and the North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights, the Rutherford County Board of Accountability (RCBA) is a citizen-run group organized similarly to how established local government boards are structured according to the parliamentary procedure.

Government officials, or anyone with a spouse who is an elected official, can’t be a member but can be invited to attend, with a limited timeframe in which to speak. Read more.

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